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Feeling Stuck In The Classroom?

This single piece of paper has been taped up on my office walls in 9 different houses over 20 years now!  It’s traveled with me, that’s for sure!

It was at a Detroit Literacy conference when I saw Dr. Lorraine Monroe speak about...

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Quit Teaching: How My Self-Worth Points QUADRUPLED!


Suzanne Klein here, your Freedom Initiator. From an elementary teacher to owning a 7 figure business, selling it, and now teaching you, how to do it too!  

So, let’s jump right into our Make it Happen Monday! Today's video...

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Teachers: Don't Feel Like Teaching Anymore?

Well, summer is almost over and if you find yourself having a lacklustre amount of excitement and motivation to start back at your job, well, you’re not alone, and this one is for you! 

I’ll be sharing why you might be feeling...

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