[Teacher Case Study:] Start Your Exit Plan While Still Getting Paid

Hey there! Thanks for popping into my 5 Freedoms Life. I'm Suzanne Klein, an educator-turned-entrepreneur, having started a company that I grew close to 10 million in sales, and sold it 10 years later. I now have a 5 Freedoms Life and teaching you how to have one too! 

Now you may be thinking, okay, you teach teachers how to start a business, but they must all be no longer teaching, right?  Wrong!  

The majority of my E2E online course students and private coaching students are still teaching, either virtually, in the classroom, or a hybrid of both.

It really can be done--it’s just a matter of how badly do you want to transition out of teaching and into a business and a life you love?

So today I wanted to feature a teacher who is still teaching, but she’s on a mission to leave teaching to work on her business full time.  She’s not sacrificing her goals for anyone, or anything! She wants it badly and you’ll hear what boundary she’s put in place to make sure she keeps on, keeping on! 

And, stay tuned until the end as I have a freebie for you that will help you to know your next step in how to start your transition plan.  It will be a juicy one, so keep watching until the end!

Many teachers feel trapped that have to stay teaching until they qualify for their pension, even if they no longer enjoy the job.  Or, that teaching full time won’t allow them to work on creating a business, that they can’t do the work until they retire.

Or that they would have to quit their job to work on a business.  Well, I’m here to tell you that this isn’t true!  Not one bit, as my students are proving this to be wrong, as I did as well when I was an elementary teacher--I worked on my business until I was ready to quit.

And, in fact, the best time to start planning out your transition plan using your business as the replacement revenue to your job, is while you’re still collecting a paycheck.  I know it’s a bit counter-intuitive, but it’s best to create your business while you still have income coming in.  

And, if you have the right framework, it’s totally possible as my students are proving to be true!

But, you may wonder, how does this even happen?  How are they able to teach full time, while work on creating their business?  

Well, instead of me telling you, let me show you.

A few days ago in one of my group coaching sessions with my E2E students, Keysa, a current elementary teacher having to teach the hybrid model due to COVID--both in person and virtually at the same time--whew! Because my other E2E students wondered how while teaching full time she was able to finish the course at record speed, she shared during our session. 

I and all of my students were blown away by her determination and the very simple strategy that she used to keep on track and not get distracted.  It’s such a simple boundary she put in place, wait until you hear her weight loss success story and her new purpose because of it!


"In a nutshell, my story is I was once overweight. I was considered  obese. I am 5”2’ and at the time, I weighed 215 pounds. And I literally taught myself what I needed to do to lose weight. And my goal was to lose  80 pounds  and I surpassed that and I lost 103 pounds. And I’ve kept my weight off for 14 years and during that time frame, seven years ago, I was hired at my gym to be a fitness trainer. There was an opening and the then-owners were a husband and wife and they felt that no one could take that position but me because they knew my story and they knew that I did this all on my own. And I had just joined the gym just to learn how to lift weights and gain muscles. So, I have decided to take my personal triumph and turn it into a business. So, my elevator pitch is that I help teachers transform teacher flab into teacher fab with fabulous, active bodies through online coaching and online courses. So, that is what my business will be about.

I actually started E2E in August of this summer and I actually finished the course. September the 27th is when I finished module nine. So, I  actually completed the module and I’m working on the action step in module nine in which Suzanne has given us the steps that we need to follow to make sure that we’re on track with everything we need to do to start our business. So, I have also signed up for private coaching and one strategy that I had taught myself so that I could stay focused and on track was, as a teacher-because, yes, September was very crazy-I’m actually virtual teaching and face-to-face teaching so it is very crazy and very stressful but one strategy that I committed to was not bringing work home. And I stopped bringing work home. And I stopped bringing work home. 

I made that commitment to myself when I signed up for the course that I was going to successfully finish it and make sure that I did my homework for the course that I was going to successfully finish it and make sure that I did my homework for the course and not homework for school. So, even during the school day, any second that I was going to successfully finish it and make sure that I did my homework for the course and not do homework for school.

So, even during the school day, any second that I have that I could have logged on to do an action step or finish a video, I literally would look at the modules to see how long the video will be to say, “Okay, I have 30 minutes for lunch. I can watch this video and start this assignment.” So, I literally used every waking moment that I was at school and then when I came home from school, I didn’t bring any work home. You know, normally teachers would always bring things home but I’ve committed to myself that I’m not doing that anymore and my free time is going to be for me to work on my business. And that is what kept me successful, motivated, and focused and on track so that I was able to finish the course in pretty much a month. So, I’m staying true to what I’ve already started and that is not letting other people waste my time and making sure that my time is being productive. So, I’m hoping my launch date will be in January. And that’s my story!"

Okay, was that super inspiring or what!  She’s a powerhouse and I have no doubt this woman will be successful!

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Now, I hope not, but you may be thinking, well that’s nice but I don’t even know where I would start!  I’m not sure even the decisions I would need to make to even consider leaving.  

Well, if that’s you, don’t worry, I got you covered with my decision tree fillable PDF.

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Suzanne Klein here, telling you, 

You can totally do this!

Stay savvy and focused my friend


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