The Top Reason Teachers Don’t Know What They Want 


I meet with teachers all over the world who aren’t feeling it anymore when it comes to being in the classroom teaching--virtually or in person, but they aren’t quite sure what else they would do.  

So, this got me thinking…

Why is it that some people don’t really know what they want out of life, BUT other people what they want, and furthermore, they get what they want?  

So, if you’re that teacher that wants to leave teaching sooner than later, but you’re not sure what your purpose is, stay tuned as I’m going to be sharing the #1 reason you don’t know your purpose in life is and an amazing up and coming workshop to help you figure it out.  

Today I am going to touch on a sensitive subject that I bet you’ve dealt with or at least know about to some degree or form.

There are a lot of people that we meet in our daily life and they don’t have a clearly defined goal or purpose. They’re walking around aimlessly, just going through the motions, taking care of their kids, their spouse, the students, but internally they know they want to do more, learn more, and be more.  They just know they’re made for something bigger, but yet, they’re not quite sure what that “something bigger” is.  

#Realtalk, many of us have suffered from this. Many of us are still suffering from such ignorance towards life.

When people do not know their purpose and goal in life, there is often a very particular reason for this.  In fact there’s one big reason for this. 

I’ve realized this common reason from my own experience coaching close to 400 teachers.  I’ve also asked my business coaching students--my exhausted educators that I turn into excited entrepreneurs, why they didn’t know what they wanted for their next chapter, until they started working with me. 

You see, many of my exhausted educators come to me with the same dilemma-- they know they don’t want to be teaching children or teenagers in a school setting anymore--for whatever reason teaching is no longer fueling their passion, their purpose any more.  

And they also know that they don’t want another job, or have another boss. 

They love the appeal of building their own dream, starting their own business, BUT, they just don’t quite know what that business is, what they will offer in the world.

So, let’s go through the top reason why teachers don’t know what they want to do if they left teaching. 

Top reason number one, teachers aren’t sure what else they would do because teachers by nature are people pleasers, they’re agreeable.

Teachers go into teaching because they want to serve and help--it’s a helping profession. But, let’s be real, it’s a thankless, underpaid job. We go into teaching because we want to help children. 

The position itself causes us to make sacrifices in our own needs: eating lunch in 20 minutes because we have recess duty, not being able to go to bathroom when we want, having to teach material just to enhance test scores-even though we know it’s not what’s best for kids, going to work even when sick because it’s harder to write sub plans, using our own time to talk to parents when it’s convenient for them, and the list goes on and on. 

So, what kind of person would make all kinds of self sacrifices for their underpaying, thankless job?   Only an “agreeable” person of course! 

What does it mean when someone is agreeable? It means that the person is always trying to keep everyone else happy and satisfied with herself.

Agreeable people care about the happiness and contentment of other people.  They want to be accepted, and as such, have no independent ideas and actions of their own.

Their whole life is built in a way that represents the people around them and what they want out of such agreeable people.  So, in this scenario, your opinions and desires do not matter.

Don’t get me wrong, we need agreeable teachers to some degree--it doesn’t work the other way around.  I once was coaching a kindergarten teacher in the classroom.  After a few times of coming into her classroom, and meeting with her after school, I noticed that her needs were greater than that of her students.  This never works either.  But, we’re not talking about enhancing teacher performance here.  I’m talking about helping the teacher that knows she doesn’t want to be in the classroom anymore, but doesn’t know what else she could do. 

So, what happens is agreeable people lose touch of what truly matters to them after a while.  They are basically living for other people and not for themselves. That is why they do not know their purpose in life, they do not know what THEY want out of life. All they know and seem to care about is what other people wish for them to be or become.

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Now even if you have a touch of agreeableness in you, it’s not a matter of that being good or bad.  The important question is, is it serving you?  Are you getting the most out of life?  As we know, this is the only life we have. If you’re struggling with knowing what exactly your purpose is, stay tuned as I’m going to go over how you can find out, plus invite you to grab a seat at a hands-on digital vision boarding workshop I’m doing with my friend Christina!

In severe cases, keeping everybody else happy while completely ignoring oneself can lead to depression and anxiety.  But, generally a person who doesn’t know their purpose in life, one who feels stuck, suffers from self-doubt, second-guessing decisions, and overall just feeling unhappy.

Okay!  So, let’s talk about what you can do about this!  Step number one.   If you want to understand your purpose, you should be less of an agreeable person. You shouldn’t bother with what everybody else is going to think of you and your motives. Just go for them. Think about what you want.  

When I have a student that has gone through all 3 of the questionnaires on finding your purpose, mission and vision and they still don’t know their new reason for being, I ask them this one question.  It’s a hypothetical question that you can ask yourself:

If the world was completely different and money was no object- it didn’t matter anymore, but, it’s mandatory that every one work--meaning you have to offer a product and/or a service to the world.  What would you do?  

Really take some time and ponder this question.  This is an important question for everyone to think about because at the root of the question is asking what does your heart really desire?  

Once you know that, then there’s a series of questions you ask yourself to see if what your heart really desires, is it something other people want and need, and will pay money for.  

Prioritize that. It is only then that you will start to understand yourself, love and accept yourself better, and work towards that glimmer of hope inside your heart.  

Think about what YOU want.  Think about what YOU need to do with this life.

It is my hope, dream and wish--my real mission that every teacher that’s in the classroom is there because it’s her true purpose.  And the others, well that they too find their true purpose in life and find something that really makes them feel like their life is making a difference to the people around them, themselves and the world!

Please do like and share this video and I would love to hear what you think in the comments below!  And if you’re wanting to get clear on what you really want, and you want to be one of those people who get what they want, please do join us in our vision boarding workshop!  This will be a never-been-done-before, workshop where you’ll be led through a mindful goal setting session to help you get clear on your passion and purpose and then you’ll walk away with your very own digital vision board!  So cool!

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