The 7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Thinking of becoming an Entrepreneur? Check out this podcast episode from Teacher Transition, where we dive into the 7 traits of successful entrepreneurs and discuss how teachers are well-suited to entrepreneurship!

You can hear the whole discussion above, or read the podcast notes from Teacher Transition here:

Feel like there’s no way you can teach until retirement? It’s okay! Today I’m chatting with my friend and founder of four successful businesses, the most current of which is Rewrite Your Future

Suzanne has created a course and coaches teachers who are ready to use their teaching skills to become an entrepreneur. 

Find the Five Freedoms When You Rewrite Your Future

Aren’t freelancers entrepreneurs? Yes and no. Suzanne noted that the main difference is that entrepreneurs are not dependent on any third parties to find and keep a client base. Generally, entrepreneurs have a bigger vision for how their business will solve a significant problem and make an impact.

It’s also a big mindset shift to go from employee to entrepreneur. But when you take that risk, you can access the Five Freedoms, as Suzanne calls them. These include time, location, people, financial, and purpose. These freedoms can increase your quality of life in ways you might have ever thought possible.

The Seven Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

If you’re wondering if you would be a good fit for entrepreneurship, Suzanne shared the seven traits of successful entrepreneurs with us and why they help you rewrite your future. These individuals have any combination of the following characteristics:

1- An ability to change and adapt
2- A goal-oriented and can-do attitude
3- An intuitive people person
4- A visionary mindset
5- A driven personality
6- An innovative and problem-solving person
7- A person willing to take a chance

You may be wondering what types of business teachers are most suited for. A very natural fit for teachers is online course creation. It requires teachers to do what they do best-lesson plan, curriculum spa, and teach!

Online course creators also thrive in adding coaching to their business model. Teachers find this type of work very fulfilling. When you collect evidence for the transformation you can create, you can also scale your business easily.

Here’s What Not to Do If You Want to Be an Entrepreneur

It’s a common mistake to assume that the first step in starting a business is creating a website. Not only is having a website extremely expensive, but it’s also unnecessary in the very beginning. It can be so easy to be a victim of shiny object syndrome. Without clarity, it can be easy to be tempted to invest in lots of fancy tools and resources.

You can rewrite your future and launch a business using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for a marketing strategy. Hiring a coach can bring that clarity much faster, saving you a ton of time and frustration. When you get clear about the problem you solve and your ideal client, then you can make confident decisions!

Want to learn more from Ali? Head to her website here, and see what other resources she has to offer! If you're a teacher looking for a new career, Ali can help you with your Teacher Transition! She has an online course available as well as other resources, such as Resume Rewrites and The Teacher Transition Planner.

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