7 Traits Entrepreneurs and Teachers Both Share

Sorry teachers, I’m turning the tables on you. Pop quiz time! What do J.K. Rowling, Billy Crystal, Sting, Sheryl Crow, Roberta Flack, Jack Canfield, and Amy Porterfield all have in common? 

Did you put your thinking cap on? Do you think you’ve got the answer? Well, if you said that they were all once teachers, you’re right! Pretty incredible, huh?! These former teachers turned celebrities also have the 7 Traits of an Entrepreneur, and I’ll bet you do, too. 

You may be thinking, but, Suzanne, they’re celebrities. They’re Special. But, really the only difference is that they started. A teacher uses the traits of an entrepreneur in their classroom every day. You’re special, too!

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

This question is at the root of an ongoing debate. Is a person born with the traits that will make them a great entrepreneur or can someone  learn the necessary traits? It’s like nature vs nurture

I personally believe that entrepreneurship can be learned, but there are people whose personalities lend themselves to starting a business. Teachers in particular make excellent entrepreneurs because they exhibit the needed entrepreneurial traits. Teaching is a great prerequisite to becoming an entrepreneur. 

In fact, there are MANY teachers who have gone on to become entrepreneurs. In my Freedom for Educators Virtual Summit, I interview 21 of them. They are an impressive bunch with so many talents and accomplishments. They are authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, trainers, and much more. Together, their experience covers a wide range of fields-- marketing, education, design, food, fashion, relationships, etc. In the summit, they share their truly inspirational stories with me.

 Traits of a Teacher

In their day-to-day life in the classroom, teachers constantly show their grit and strength. Educators, like entrepreneurs, are a tough bunch. For instance, when Covid-19 hit, teachers were asked to go WAY above and beyond. There aren’t many fields where you can ask someone to radically change how they do their job in just a matter of days. Teachers were asked, and they answered. Teaching in a physical classroom was replaced with virtual school. It was a fluid situation with criteria and protocols constantly changing, but they adapted quickly and often.

Another example of how strong and dedicated teachers are is their implementation of differentiated instruction. For so many years, education only offered a “one size fits all” curriculum. Every student was taught the same thing in the same way. With the invention of differentiated instruction, teachers had to learn how to make accommodations and changes for the individual learning needs of each student in their classroom. It can sometimes be a logistical nightmare, but that doesn’t stop teachers from persevering.

Plus, teachers are master communicators. They have to be. Teachers are constant communicators. Most of their time is spent either sending or receiving messages-- oral, written, nonverbal. They have to have a reliable “sixth sense” about people of all ages (students, parents, coworkers). It’s estimated that teachers make 1,500 decisions per day. And, all require some mode of communication as a result. Decision fatigue is real, but teachers battle through it because they know the show must go on. 

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? If you’re a teacher, there’s a strong chance that you do! To really see how you rank in each of the 7 traits that entrepreneurs and teachers share, May I suggest you pick up your FREE copy of the 7 Traits of an Entrepreneur. With this tool, you will take a deeper dive into self-assessing your level with each traitIt’s kinda like those Cosmo quizzes--did I just date myself?! 

The results will tell you which traits you need to work on, so you can get your business started off on the right foot (and, if you’re already stepped in with both feet, don’t worry-- it will still be helpful for you, too!).

(Don’t forget your FREE 7 Traits of an Entrepreneur tool!)

Remember, you can rewrite your future. And, I can help.

Stay savvy and focused!


~Suzanne 💜

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