Take Imperfect Action: Leave Teaching & Start A Business

I have to confess...I can be a bit of a perfectionist...okay, maybe more than a bit.  Sometimes even slipping into the neurotic at times. This shows up when I obsess over little details that probably no one will notice...like a title page for a video, or a graphic for Instagram, or whatever.  

I have been known to spend hours trying to make sure it “looked perfect” before it can go out.  Only to find that sometimes it never goes out.   

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My tendency in my business is no different than a teacher who wants to leave the classroom but feeling like her life isn’t perfect enough to do anything.  So, she keeps putting her dreams and desires on hold until the perfect time comes.

How can I start a business when everything isn’t perfect yet?

Meet Amanda--she wants to leave her teaching job and pursue her passion teaching and coaching about gut health, healthy cooking for the gut, and all of the things you can do to be proactive about taking care of the gut.

She wants to create an online course and start a coaching practice helping other people like her feel better, but she’s afraid she’s not enough of an expert, she doesn’t have a degree and a slew of other excuses that keep her feeling that she’s not perfect enough to start.  So, Amanda stays put. She does nothing. She continues to stay in her job until she feels perfect enough to start.

Amanda isn’t alone.  Here are the excuses I hear from people on why they believe they can’t pursue their dreams and desires...

  • I’ll start my business when my kids are all grown up, 
  • my bank balance is higher, 
  • once I hate teaching so much I can’t do it anymore, 
  • when I’ve lost weight, 
  • when I know more,
  • once I get another degree, 
  • my partner gets a higher paying job,
  • ______________________ (insert your excuse here)

I ask, if not now, when? 

Stay tuned because, at the end of this video, I’ll share how you can find out your perfectionism score with the “How Big of a Perfectionist Are You?" Quiz. 

Okay, so back to Amanda.  So, years passed by and one day Amanda finds a note tucked away in the back of her notebook she wrote after being inspired by a book she was reading:

“...No longer shall we wait for permission, proper timing, 

or ease in rapidly progressing our lives.  


Let us go now.  We have work to do, influence to gain, 

service to render, power to share, 

freedom to achieve for our loved ones.  

So let us advance and begin great things NOW.”

Such beautiful words!  

Fear is normal when we are putting ourselves out there to the world. There are so many fears surrounding leaving a job and starting a business. But there’s one in particular that I hear over and over again... 

“How do I know it’s going to be successful?”

“ What if I fail?”

“I am so afraid that my business will fail,  that I’ll be seen as a failure.”

 When you’re a perfectionist you worry about, “Will the outcome be good enough?” Can you relate? 

You see, being on the journey to find your new purpose, leave your job and start a business is not about perfection. It's about taking baby steps. This is something you'll hear from me over and over again, it's baby steps. 

 It's just about… moving forward. 

You know, when a baby starts out, they never just start walking.  No, of course not, right? They go from crawling to walking, they never just start walking across the room. They'll stand up and fall over. They'll take two steps and fall over and they'll just, they just keep on moving forward.

 So take those baby steps. Take them and celebrate them! You're not looking for the home run. 

 Play the long game, it’s the only one available in preparing to leave your job and start a business.  

 There’s no such thing as “get rich quick”.  It just doesn’t happen in business. 

It takes time (sometimes lots of time) and a lot of baby steps.  So, don’t be that person that thinks they have to, or should be at Z when they haven’t done X and Y.  

Accept that things will not always be perfect, sometimes they may even be really bad. Enjoy the bumps along the way as you strive for excellence.  No one expects you to be perfect - except you! Show up my friend in all your imperfect wonder!

So, are you waiting for that “perfect moment” to leave your job and start a business?  Are you a bit of a perfectionist? Or, maybe a lot of one? Find out how you score on the How Big of a Perfectionist Are You?  Take the 5 minute quiz using the link below.  

 Give me a thumbs up if you found this video helpful and I’d love to read how you’re going to take imperfect action today to move you closer to creating a business and a 5 Freedom Life you Love!

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