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Did you know that having imposter syndrome can rob you of your golden egg business idea? This blog is a must-read if you’re a teacher wanting to come up with a business idea to start a business that will help you transition out of teaching. It’s also important to get your imposter syndrome score if you already have a business so you can be aware of how much it’s hurting you. 

This is the second blog of my series, “Business Idea Creation 101” wherein each blog I tell you one myth, one truth, and one solution to help you find your business idea.  

If you’re the type that likes to read a whole book cover to cover in one sitting, and you didn’t catch my first blog in this series, you can go here now and start from the beginning, but just know, the info I’m going to share here in this blog will make sense even if you didn’t read the first one in this series yet. At the end, I’ll have the first blog linked so you can read it next.


Okay, let’s dive in!  Why are business ideas so hard to recognize? 

Why is it that you can know that you want to start a business — but have a heck of a time figuring out what that business actually is?

This is where the myth comes in.  It’s the myths we tell ourselves that keep us staying blocked.  So, let’s tackle that first so you know exactly what the culprit is that’s keeping you from coming up with that great business idea that’s already inside you, you just need help pulling it out!  

Myth #2: You’re not an expert enough

Let me just tell you, I hear the imposter syndrome coming up all of the time for my teachers.  “Who am I to help this person with this?”, “Who’s going to listen to me, I don’t have a degree in this area?” “Why would they pay me when they can go to her as she’s more experienced than me?”

Sound familiar? This could be what’s keeping you stuck from coming up with your business idea.  

What exactly is Imposter Syndrome?  The definition states: Imposter syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It disproportionately affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. Many question whether they’re deserving of accolades.

And, my thousands of teachers in my Educator 2 Entrepreneurs private Facebook group, (do join if you haven’t yet!), can really be the high-achieving people the definition is talking about!  

Stay tuned until the end as I’ll share my “How Much Does Your Imposter Syndrome Flair Up?”

Our imposter syndrome gives us this idea that in order to be an expert you need to wear a uniform or have a fancy, expensive degree, and therefore, that’s what makes you quote, “An Expert”. This myth places all emphasis on outward-facing things--a clothing item or a piece of paper with a stamp from a university.  Not saying that’s not important, but what we’re forgetting about is our experiences and knowledge that has grown over time.  

For example, the Native Americans were experts at reading the sky, weather, and the seasons helping them to know when to plant, harvest, or hunt.  They didn’t need a college degree or a special uniform for this talent, skill, and ability they had.  They were taught, learned, and developed through practice.  

Just as you know a teaching degree doesn’t make you a skilled teacher.  It’s also a culmination of what you’ve been taught, learned and developed, that makes you more skilled than someone else. 

TRUTH #2: You just need to be a few steps ahead 

When we hold on to imposter syndrome, we forget all of the times we’ve learned from the people around us, many of whom were just a few steps ahead of us, and therefore they were able to help us from their own experiences, learning lessons and knowledge.

 People will pay for your services if they believe you can provide them with pain relief and the transformation they’re seeking.  What does this truth have to do with imposter syndrome? Sometimes we have imposter syndrome when we doubt that what we’ve experienced, what we know, and what we’ve learned is important enough and we somehow think that we have to have this massive amount of knowledge. But, in fact, many times it’s not how much you know, it’s how you can break down what you know into specific chunks for the learner. No different than what you do when you’re lesson planning and teaching, isn’t it so? 

Imagine a river and the two sides to the fast, flowing, bubbling river. On the left side stands your potential clients/customers. And on the other safe side there you stand. Your client will invest in you if you can help get them to the other side of the river. 

Always remember, you’re their guide to get them across, they’re the hero.

So, to be a good guide, you place 3-5 stones that they can step on to cross the river and stand beside you, to gain the knowledge you’ve broken down for them into chunks.  Those knowledge chunks are the 3-5 rocks you’ve put down for them to get to the other side and the river is your big idea/topic that you can teach about.  

I explain this to my private business coaching clients all of the time, so I’ve named it “The Land of Transformation”.  Everyone wants to get on the other side into the land of transformation.

 You just have to figure out the 3-5 big stones you have, that when you put into the river bed they can hop on them to get across to the land of transformation. 

Now, do you have to be an expert, a total master to have 3-5 big stones? No, not at all!

Your stones just have to be on one topic.  That’s the key.  Let me explain with an example.

When I was first thinking about what my 4th business, this business, Rewrite Your Future was going to be, I knew I needed to do something that would use my gifts, talents, and skills. So, I came up with teaching educators how to create their own online business--that’s my river. 

Now, do I have an expensive MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) degree? Nope. Do we need one to be a successful business owner? For sure not! Ask Sara Blakey, the billionaire owner of Spanks if she has an MBA.  Nope. And, she also doesn’t advise it either.  So, did I have imposter syndrome worrying that I didn’t have this degree or any special degree to do what I wanted to do when I started my businesses? Nope. 

But, what I did know was that I wanted to create an online course that taught all of the basics of an MBA, but in a simpler fashion. So, I chose my 4 stones for my Educator 2 Entrepreneur course. They’re my framework for the course.  Finding Your Business Purpose, Entrepreneur Mindset, Profit Pathways, and Marketing.  These are my stones that once my teachers step on them, they get across the river and have a real business they can launch and start making money to transition out of teaching.  

Just keep in mind, this process of coming up with a business idea takes time and it’s one foot in front of the other.  And, this is why I created this “Business Idea Creation 101” series so I can hold your hand as you take each step up the stairs. So, if you’re enjoying this, do make sure to check back next week for the third blog in the series! 

Solution #2: Banish your imposter syndrome to figure out your stones 

To help you find your business idea, you first need to find out if you have a low indication of imposter syndrome, a medium indication, or a high indication of imposter syndrome. And, lucky for you I created a quiz, How Often Does Your Imposter Syndrome Flair Up? so you can find out if your score falls in the low, medium, or high- danger zone. 

Now, taking the quiz isn’t going to give you your business idea.  But, what it will do is unlock you from these fears.  You see, there’s real power in knowing what’s holding you back so you can bust through it and open yourself up to more creative thinking of what you can do, versus what you can’t.  

After you take the quiz, you’ll get your results via email.  In this email, I’ll also have a Land of Transformation visual aid for you to start collecting your stones for your riverbed.  Both the Imposter Syndrome quiz and my Land of Transformation visual aid will help you get clarity to what your business is going to be!  The link will be below!

 I would love to know, do you already have ideas for your river and your stones?

Remember this is a process, not perfection!  It takes time and research to come up with your business idea.  My friend, you’re off to a great start!

Now to help you even further, next week, I’ll be teaching you your third myth, truth, and solution to hone in on your business idea and get closer to creating a business and a life you love!

Missed the first blog in the series? Catch up here.

Remember, you can rewrite your future, and I can help!

Stay savvy and focused! 

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