[Q&A] My Spouse Doesn’t Support Me Quitting Teaching


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So, I got asked a question in my Educator 2 Entrepreneur Facebook group and I figured if Nikki has this question, well then you might too.  

So, Nikki writes: “How does your program address unsupportive family members and spouses?  What if those you trust the most do not support your transition from the classroom?”

Thank you Nikki for your question!  It really boils down to two simple reasons why the person you love isn’t supportive of you wanting to leave the classroom to start a business.

I’m going to be sharing with you the 2 motivations behind why your spouse might be afraid of you leaving the classroom, and what you can do about it--coming up!

Starting to think about quitting teaching can be exciting but at the same time a scary thought.  The first thing to think about is do you want to find a job and have another boss, or do you want to be your own boss.  That’s really the first step to consider.

But, let’s say even before you even start down this path, your partner, your spouse, has already expressed their disapproval of you quitting teaching, they aren’t okay with you even considering it, or talking about it and he or she wants you to teach until your retirement age, when you can get your full pension--which may be in another 5, 10 or 15 or more years.  

But, you’re fed up.  You can’t imagine sticking it out until retirement age, and you already know teaching is hurting you physically, mentally, emotionally, and teaching just plainly said, doesn’t feed your soul, it’s not your purpose anymore.

You feel like you’re made to do more, learn more, and be more.  

What to do? On one hand, you know it will feel like jail if you continue on, but on the other hand you don’t feel like you can start anything without the support of your partner.

You feel like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place. So, what gives?

Okay, so for starters, let me say I’m no relationship expert, and if you need assistance in this area, I would highly suggest you look up the Love Twins at Heart’s Desire.  One of the twin sisters is actually a former educator turned entrepreneur who I had the pleasure of interviewing.  Their business is helping women all over the world with their relationships.  So, do check them out!  They’re doing incredible work!

But, to give you some practical advice right now, the first place I like to start is by putting on my detective hat and figure out why my spouse isn’t on board and isn’t supportive.

In this case as far as I can see, there’s two main motives behind why your partner doesn’t want you to leave your job.  

Think you know what the 2 reasons are?  No? Okay, so drum roll please!

It’s actually quite simple.

But, before I tell you, do keep watching until the end because I have a special Sheet that you can use with your spouse to get them to warm up and eventually support you and your decision to leave your job and either find another job or start a business.

Okay, so here it is.

Money, attention or both!

An unsupportive spouse stems from one of these things or both reasons.  Regardless, both stem from fear of lack.

Let’s take money first.  

As my E2E graduate Stephaine knows, at her company Becoming One helps couples talk about money in healthy and constructive ways.  So, important as we know from the stats that money is one of 3 main reasons couples split up.

So, your spouse might be worried about supporting you while you’re working on the business and sales. It takes time to grow a business, so being realistic is ideal and also having a strategic plan of how you’re going to get the sales, the revenue to come in is critical.  

 The second issue that your spouse might have with you quitting your teaching job is attention. A clue if this is already an issue for them is If they’ve made comments in the past about you always being on your phone, or checking email, or working on school work. They might be thinking that if this is how you already are, what’s going to happen to the attention you can give them once you start a business.  

Now, what to do next is think about which beef they might be having when they hear you talk about quitting your teaching job.  Is it a worry about lack of money, or is it over a lack of decreased attention they will get from you--also this can translate into they’ll have more jobs to do with the family or the house?

I suggest you think about their motive for being unsupportive, but don’t assume.  We know what assume means right--Make an ass out of you and me.  HA!  You’ve heard that before, right?

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Okay, now what’s the solution? How do you get your partner on board with your decision to leave your job. Or, at least talk about it?  

Well do what my E2E students do. They fill out their Reasons to start a business sheet and then they put their spouse’s name in the spots where they’ll need their support. Then once they fill out this sheet, they go over it with their significant other, and see if maybe there’s more they could add.  

This way their partner can feel like they’re part of the process and that you’ve taken the time to really think about why you want to do this.  Then, ask them, “Are you more on board with me starting to plan my transition plan out of teaching, now that you’ve seen my reasons?”

I’ll have the link to this sheet so you can get started really reflecting why you want to start a business, and use it to talk to your spouse.

So, take action and click the link below to get started, and get closer to bringing your spouse on board to your dreams!

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I would love to hear how this video helped!

Take care, and stay savvy and focused!

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