Is it time to leave teaching?

Is it time to leave teaching?

Many teachers have been asking themselves this question since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. This experience brought to light how little teachers are valued by our community, and has pushed some educators to leave the profession.

In this interview, I talk with Dr. Dan, a psychologist for teachers, about the impact the pandemic had on teachers, how teachers know it's time to leave the profession, and what their options are after they've quit teaching.

If you're feeling less passionate about teaching than you used to, or feelings of resentment are starting to creep up, it may be time to consider moving on to the next chapter.

Make sure you grab my Reflection Activity at the top or bottom of this page. It's designed to help you see how your feelings around teaching have changed over time, especially since the pandemic began. This will bring you the clarity you need to make the right decision about staying or leaving your teaching job. 

Remember, you can rewrite your future, and I can help. 

Stay savvy & focused!

~Suzanne 💜

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