From Teacher Side Hustle to Real Business

How many teachers do you know who have a “side hustle”? Probably too many to count. In fact, 59% of U.S. teachers turn to side jobs to help supplement their income. This statistic makes me very sad. No one goes into teaching hoping they’ll have to get a second job just to pay the bills. 

 I don’t like the idea of a teacher side hustle, and I don’t like the word “hustle” itself. The very definition of the word hustle is to “push roughly; obtain illicitly.” Is that what we want for ourselves (or anyone really)? Let’s leave the hustle for Jay-Z! (Turn up the volume for a one-minute dance party…)

 If you have a side hustle or are considering a side hustle, what I’m about to share is especially for you. Let me explain why side hustles fail so many teachers. Plus, I’m going to give you a FREE Time Tracker and share 9 examples of how my private business coaching students were able to salvage time in their schedules with it.

Why Side Hustles Fizzle Out

Unfortunately, the cards are stacked against you with a side hustle. What does it all boil down to? Plain and simple, it’s time. Everyone gets the same twenty-four hours in a day, and teachers are no exception. It boils down to:


 The Solution

Turn your teacher side hustles into main events by understanding this: it’s not about cramming more into the clock-- it’s about subtracting. It’s about taking a real hard look at every single day of your week, spotting those activities that do nothing but waste your time, and subtracting them out. It’s about managing your time in a more efficient and productive way. 

As I mentioned earlier, I’m offering you a FREE Time Tracker (so, take advantage of it!). This tracker will help you to see how you spend your time and where you can make adjustments to devote more time to your business. The idea is to get your business to a level that replaces or exceeds your teaching salary sooner rather than later. Then, you can confidently leave teaching and focus solely on being an entrepreneur who lives a 5 Freedoms Life.

Through my private business coaching, Bridge to Possibilities, I’ve seen many teachers utilize the Time Tracker and find clever ways to spend more time on their businesses. This includes:


  • Prepping more meals in advance
  • Watching less TV
  • Avoiding driving home in rush hour and using that time to work out in the classroom
  • Moving to part-time teaching
  • Taking a leave of absence
  • Selling the house to retire early
  • Cutting out social media browsing
  • Refusing to bring schoolwork home
  • Asking a spouse to help out more


As much as we all wish otherwise, there’s no secret hack to setting yourself up for the life you want to live. There are no shortcuts or magic pills. It’s always going to be about effort — about the daily, hourly fight that does not stop, that does not let go just because you’re tired, you had a long day, or you “don’t feel like it” today. If you don’t sacrifice for your goals today, your goals will be sacrificed tomorrow. 

 If you want to turn your dream life into your real life (and I promise you it’s worth it), then you need discipline, dedication, and drive. You need to find your guts and your passion to take your ambitions seriously. Find your discipline, and then you will find your 5 Freedoms Life. It’s really that simple!


(Don’t forget your FREE Time Tracker)


Remember, you can rewrite your future. And, I can help.

 Stay savvy and focused!


~Suzanne 💜


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