Are you feeling the back to school blues?

Well, summer is almost over and if you find yourself having a lackluster amount of excitement and motivation to start back at your job, well, you’re not alone, and this one is for you! 

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I’ll be sharing why you might be feeling this way, the choices you have, and some tips and tricks on how to work towards regaining your passion, especially if your passion is no longer in teaching.  

The back to school blues are creating high ranking Google search terms typed around this time: 

  • Quit Teaching
  • I don’t want to teach anymore
  • What else can I do with a teaching degree?
  • Teacher entrepreneur
  • Leave teaching and then what?

And lastly, with... 

I hate teaching.

Garnering a whopping 146,000,000 million searches.  That’s a lot of unhappy folks, which translates to no one wins, not the students, parents, and especially not the teachers! 

Or, like people doing the teacher entrepreneur search, maybe it’s not that you’re burnt out, maybe you’re like I was back in 2007 when I started WriteSteps from my own classroom success; you’re looking for a way to monetize and share what’s working in the classroom with others to make an even bigger difference.  

Regardless, it’s no surprise that we are facing a global shortage of quality teachers, while at the same time today’s teachers are burdened by increasing workloads, high levels of stress, and precarious working conditions. 

So there was this major study done by the Global Status of Teachers in 2018, it’s credible and recent.  It reports that too many teachers are receiving insufficient salaries and experience. In 79% of the countries they surveyed (and there was a ton!), teachers’ salaries are less than that of other professions with similar qualifications. 

15 teams of USA TODAY NETWORK journalists spent some time this year with teachers around the nation. They found that teachers are worried about more than money. They feel misunderstood, unheard and, above all, disrespected. 

If you can relate, let me know in the comments below and write, “I can relate!” I read all of your comments and would love to hear from you!

I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here, so I won’t continue with the problems you probably already face.  I only mention them to let you know you’re not alone.

Okay, so let’s talk about what to do if you’re regretting returning back to the classroom, and no matter how many cute bulletin board borders you buy, you’re still not “feeling it” about teaching.  After all, teaching isn’t unicorns and rainbows all of the time.

So, let’s begin the steps you can take today, by first taking stock of your current and upcoming situation.  You, like many others, may be dreading the upcoming workload of lesson planning and grading papers, or the too little salary or no time to teach due to needing to test prep.

So, for this reason, I’ve created a quick free 3-minute quiz that helps you determine how you fare in time, location, financial, people, and purpose freedom compared to your peers. The link will be down below.  Both the quiz and the results are powerful and they can lead to a breakthrough in getting unstuck and/or moving towards a life YOU want! So take the free quiz when we’re finished here.  

The next step after the quiz is to determine if you are just overwhelmed but still want to teach, or if you knew you could replace your salary or increase it, you would leave teaching.  

Now, for those of you finding yourself in the second situation, and you pretty sure you’re ready to: 

  • transition into either a different career,
  • or you want to pursue a different passion, 
  • or take success in the classroom and market it for an even bigger impact,
  • or you’re looking to start a business and become an entrepreneur.  

Whatever the case, this is my jimmy jam and I got you covered as someone who transitioned in 2003 and has started 4 businesses and sold 1

Good news, if you fall into this category, you don’t have to quit your teaching job or put in your resignation before school starts-I mean, that’s up to you and I sure can help you if you choose to go that route.  

So, just to wrap up, your actionable steps are to first take the quiz, then determine where you fall on the scale of 5 Freedoms.  

Keep Savvy my friends! Until next time take the quiz to find out your 5 Freedom Score!


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