Extra Income for Teachers To Leave Teaching and Be Happy

You Need Extra Income As A Teacher

Are you a teacher that wants to quit teaching but you’re not ready to jump all the way--i.e.-you’re not comfortable with quitting until you have a plan B?  Or, maybe you need extra income as a teacher to be ready to transition out of teaching. Having that extra cash as a teacher can help you feel more confident and secure in your decision to leave teaching.  

 The Best Way Out of Teaching Is With An Online Business

The best exit strategy out of teaching and into a life of more freedom, is by starting an online business. A business you can start now, while you’re still collecting your teacher salary.   And, second super good news, there's never been a better time than right now to transition out of teaching with an online business.  I’m going for the trifecta of good news...wait for it...okay, here’s the third best news of all...teachers are very well suited for starting an online business!

 Why An Online Business Suits Teachers

The beauty of an online business versus a brick and mortar, or even an educational consultant where you’re restricted on how far you can travel, is that you can work on your online business from home to earn extra income as a teacher.  

And, let’s not forget, that the whole point of you starting an online business is not so you can have 2 jobs.  Who wants to have 2 jobs?!?  Teaching is a full time job and more on it’s own!  But, instead the reason to start an online business (which did I mention that teachers are very well suited for), is so that you can earn extra income as a teacher and replace your teaching job with your own online business.  

 Just a Teacher Side Hustle Fun Fact (Well, not so fun, as who wants 2 jobs?!)

Overall, about 20 percent of teachers hold second jobs during the school year, accounting for roughly 9 percent of their annual income. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers are about three times as likely as other U.S. workers to take on this burden.

 Why An Online Business Suits Teachers (continued)

The online space is going to be less expensive than doing a brick and mortar.  For example, having a brick and mortar business can cause you to have to pay rent, or buy overhead.  They can have an larger investment tied to brick and mortar businesses.  Plus, I think we saw during the pandemic that physical shops only having one source of revenue, didn’t fare well during the lockdowns.  

Now, it’s important to mention that online businesses are gonna have investment, it would be foolish to think you can start a business with no money. (Just a side note...I always teach my private business coaching clients and my teachers who are enrolled in my Educator 2 Entrepreneur course, to not buy any software for their business until they’re almost done with the course.  This way they’re not buying things they think they need, but really don’t.  Or, they change their business idea halfway through the course or coaching and they no longer need the year subscription they bought.)

 Software You’ll Need For Your Own Online Business

Oh, good timing as mentioning software, brings up another point.  Software for online businesses nowadays is so much cheaper.  And, in many cases you can get free or trial version to make sure you’re going to use it, so there’s no loss if it turns out to be something you can’t use.  Like Kajabi for example.  It’s an amazing all-in-one platform I recommend to anyone who’s starting an online business. They give you a 28 day trial so you can spend that time learning how you can build a website, email marketing, course creation, and so much more, all while in the free trial!  It’s great, so do check it out. 

There are business coaches like myself and others who specialize in online businesses that you can hire to help speed up the learning curve and save you money in the long run, since you won’t be buying all of those shiny objects that you’ll otherwise think you need and even more important, a business coach can get you up and running getting clients or selling products sooner, which means more income in your teacher pocket sooner rather than later.   

Another thing why teachers are well suited for online businesses to earn extra teacher cash, is because you can work weekends, nights and summers. Now, I know what you’re thinking...who wants to do that?!  I know that’s not ideal for anyone.  But, it’s all about earning extra cash as a teacher so that you can see there’s proof in what you’re doing and if you did quit teaching, you’d be able to spend more time on the business, which would lead to more profits.  

Should You Stay Teaching, Or Quit Teaching?

Some of my teacher business coaching clients work with me, and then they finish the school year and then quit because they know they’ll have more time to work in their business and work on earning more than they could teaching.

But, for those who don't feel that they're ready to make that move you’ll have to realize that there’s going to have to be some time that you dedicate outside of your teaching. Now I could go into more details about the consequences of taking a jump and leaving and quitting at the end of the year, or in the middle of the year, here, but I do talk about this in the vlog/blog: “How to Leave a Teaching Job Gracefully” . I also share in this video a lot more about what happens if you stay in teaching and how to create that milestone message.

The Very Valuable Teacher Transferable Skills

The last point of how teachers can earn extra money while working on quitting teaching with their online business is that teachers have mad transferable skills!  Wouldn’t it be better to do something with those teachers skills you’ve already learned and are using currently?  Well, this is all possible!  This is why I say teachers are well suited to create an online business.   Using your transferable skills in an online business because these skills that you have already have work well online.  And, as a matter of fact, I’m really excited to share with you that there are four online businesses that teachers are exceptionally well suited for!  

Your Freebie To Help You Decide Which Online Business

Now, guess what, I’m going to totally hook you up!  If you put your name and email into either the form at the top or bottom of this blog, I’ll send you my checklist of the 12 transferable teacher skills and you can check off which skills you most like to use, and see which delivery method of these 4 online businesses you’re most suited for.  

That's why online businesses are so well suited because you don't need to get a university degree, to start an online business. Yes, you're going to need some training. Yes, you're going to need to level up. Yes, you're going to need to hire a business coach.  But it's nothing near a university degree at the expense. 

Teacher Make Great Entrepreneurs

The last final point if you haven’t gotten it already...teachers are excellent at online businesses because generally they are very hardworking, dedicated, responsible, and have the seven traits to entrepreneurs.   Now, we may not be a 10 out of 10 on all seven of these traits, but generally teachers score pretty high on these traits. I will have another vlog/blog on the seven entrepreneurial traits so do check that out!

It's so exhilarating to learn something new. My clients are leveling up and instead of always learning about education or having to learn about education, they are coming alive because of all the learning that they're doing!  

Don’t forget, get my checklist of the 12 transferable skills.  I'll have a link down below. 

It’s about finding the best way to create extra income for teachers, creating a business that utilizes your existing teacher transferable skills. 

Stay savvy and focused.

Remember you can rewrite your future, and I can help!

~Suzanne 💜

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