COVID-19 Anxiety & Worry Releasing Guided Visualization for Your Children


Hey there, this is Suzanne Klein your Freedom Initiator. 

Since I’m in the business of helping teachers find their purpose to create more peace, joy, and freedom, I thought it was only fitting to bring you and your children visualization imagery exercise, what I’m calling a guided virtual reality.  The guided virtual reality or (GVR) as I call it, that I’m about to do with you, is the same one I use with my teachers who are my coaching students.

Since they’ve been telling me these GVRs are really helping them, I thought I would do something I’ve never done before...bring you a GVR audio exercise is to help you deal with all of the stress and the emotions around the growing Coronavirus.  

I know that it’s creating a tremendous amount of unease, a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety, and yet it is also always in any chaos, or crisis there’s an opportunity to explore how we’re living our lives, how we manage our mindset.   

I really believe we must decide to set our own emotional center.  We must choose our focus very carefully, we must assess our own habits and try to enact the most positive and healthy ways of living that we can both mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically take care of ourselves during these heightened times.  

I thought this guided imagery exercise would really potentially change your life and your children’s life if you’re having negative thoughts and emotions right now. Now is a time to strengthen our minds and our bodies, not weaken them with destructive thoughts and emotions.

So, today we're gonna take a relaxing journey, using our imagination.  This will take about 5 minutes. At the end of our time, the idea is that you feel lighter, and you’ll be released from any worries and anxiety you’ve been feeling around the Coronavirus.

This guided virtual reality exercise is not a treatment for COVID-19 or any Coronavirus.  This guided virtual reality is simply to help alleviate anxiety around the coronavirus outbreak.  It is not a substitute for medical care. It is simply to help you feel more at peace, less concerned and embrace the healing power within you that is your mind at work. 

Let us begin. 

Find a comfortable place to sit, either on the floor or in a chair. Turn any devices on silent mode.  Before we go, let's get really comfy, find a nice comfortable place to sit and wiggle around until you feel just right.

Place your hands in your lap or your legs with your palms facing up. And when you're ready, close your eyes. 

Keep your back nice and tall just like a tree trunk, while still remaining relaxed and silent.

Try your best to keep your body still and settle down the body and mind.  Quiet the internal thoughts.  

Slowly, take a couple of deep breaths in through your nose and out of your mouth.

Take another deep breath and when you inhale picture your breath going all the way down to your feet, filling your whole body with a nice relaxed feeling.

Now using your imagination, create a mind movie in your head.  

Start by picturing yourself in a big beautiful field surrounded by tall, strong trees, beautiful yellow flowers, and tall soft grasses.

When you look around you feel very safe, knowing that nothing is going to hurt you, you don’t have to think or worry about the virus, and you’re feeling happy and relaxed.

You see these purple and yellow wildflowers everywhere and you smell in their beautiful fragrance.

Looking up you noticed birds soaring high up in the blue sky.  You can feel the warm sun on your face. You can smell the flowers. You can hear the sound of songbirds in the air.

You look up to one brilliant blue sky, you start to watch the birds, circling above.

And from a distance you see a really large bird flying gracefully in the sky.

She starts to circle down towards you, and you realize that this is a very special bird, unlike any kind of bird you’ve ever seen before.  For her wings are gold and her beak is brilliant and bright and is your favorite color. She seems to glow, and has a magical quality about her.  She looks like the most wonderful creature you’ve ever seen and she’s smiling down at you.

She lands in the field very, very close to you. You are amazed at the size of her as she's bigger and taller than you. And her wings stretch out far and wide.  And you’ve never seen anything like her before. She’s majestic and is emitting the most loving warmth that spreads to every part of your mind and body. You feel so wonderful and loved just by being around her.  

She turns her head towards you. And with a wink of her eye you found a new friend, a friend who makes you feel loved and protected.

She lays her belly on the ground and spreads out her wings. You can't resist but walk up to her then you have this pulling feeling to just climb up for an adventure. It’s almost as if she wants you to.  

She lets you crawl into her big strong back and you feel the silkiness of her wings and the softness of her feathers.

And you notice that she smells even better than those wildflowers that are in the field all around you.  It’s a smell that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know it’s the most wonderful mixture of all of the things you enjoy smelling.  

Hold on tight. You feel safe and secure on this magical creature when a big smile comes across your face. She stands up, flaps her powerful wings and up, up, up you go toward the brilliant blue sky. 

The warm wind blows your hair back and you feel free, free of any worries, or concerns you have,  free from the world as you drift higher and towards a big majestic mountain covered with tall pine trees.  You hold on, but there’s no fear inside you. You’re smiling and laughing as this is the most wonderful, peaceful experience you’ve ever had.  

As you get closer, your new friend slows her speed  and lands on top of the grassy meadow. With your hands on top of your magical friend’s neck, you gently step off her back. You feel a sense of wonder and joy wash over you.

You stand on the top of that mountain and look down on the world.

You are in a place of peace.  A place of strength, and a place of belonging. 

Everything is clear from up here, and you know that you are like the light that shines from the sun.

You have the strength to face and overcome any worries and challenges from the virus. You have a unique gift and talent to kindly share with others.

You’ve received all of the peace that your friend came to give you to help you overcome any worries and upset you have from thinking or hearing about the virus.  

Just take a moment to smile and deeply experience these feelings of peace, and strength.  Your body and mind are strong.

Now think of at least 3 things you’re grateful for.  See them in your mind’s eye.

Start to bring your attention back into the room, wiggle your fingers and your toes, or rub your hands together.

Slowly open your eyes whenever you're ready.

Just know that whenever you need to, you can return to this wonderful place in your imagination. You can even hang out with your new special friend.

Let go of your worries and find this peace and this strength. And this light within you.

And so it is…

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