Millionaire Teacher--Is It Possible?

Do you see yourself capable of being a millionaire? Yes, No? Well as a former teacher and millionaire myself, and I don’t say that to brag, but to clue you in on a fact that it’s all possible!   

In fact, one in six teachers is a millionaire. How do these teachers do it?  Well, I’ll share with you one thing that we all had to shift in our thinking in order to achieve more abundance, and stick around because I’ll share a free Cut-Out sheet that will help!

Hey Educators, I’m Suzanne Klein, and welcome to my 5 Freedoms Life! I’m now a business coach for teachers, but I used to be an elementary teacher and using the teaching skills we all have as teachers, I grew my 2nd company to 10 million, I sold that company 10 years later, and I’m now teaching you how to do it too!

Did you know that there are more millionaire teachers than there are doctors?  

How is it possible that America’s school teachers, who are some of the most underpaid professionals in the country, are more likely to become millionaires than physicians?  


Dave Ramsey conducted the largest survey of millionaires ever, with 10,000 participants.  Teachers and other educators account for 14% of the United States' 8.6 million millionaires. 

You might be saying, how is this even possible?  Physicians on average make more than four times the average household income in America.  

For starters, Physicians on average come out of medical school with $250,000 in student loan debt!  So, if you think you have it bad, think again.  

But, there is one thing you can do right now, that us millionaire teachers do, that will help you secure your financial freedom in the future.  

I believe the reason why more teachers aren’t part of this 14% of the US 8.6 million millionaires is due to their scarcity mindset.  

Teachers Have Scarcity Mindsets

It’s no wonder why so many teachers have scarcity mindsets.  Does this sound familiar, “We don’t have money to pay for that, the district is broke.” 

The scarcity mindset focuses on the short term. It revolves around the idea that there simply isn’t enough to go around.  One of the hallmarks of a scarcity mindset is that for every winner, there must be at least one loser. Not everyone can win because there simply isn’t enough to go around.

If you think about it, since you were a child, you—like most people—have probably been told exactly the opposite. Wanting a lot of money makes you a bad person, or you can either be rich or be happy—not both.  

So, it’s no wonder that more teachers don’t see themselves as capable of being millionaires, or worst yet, they think it’s a bad thing to accumulate wealth.  

Replace Scarcity Thinking with Abundance Thinking

The abundance mindset focuses on the long term. It involves a deep understanding that just because you don’t get to have something right now does not mean you won’t be able to have it later.

As someone who as an elementary teacher always having bigger dreams than my teacher’s salary, I can tell you that money isn’t evil it’s energy!  And in fact, I did a video on this topic with my friend Jen Aly, who is a former teacher turned entrepreneur, who is a money coach.  Do check that video here!


Use My Freebie To Help You Bust Out of Scarcity Thinking

One solution to starting to attract more abundance is to change your money mindset. To help you do this I’m giving you my 10 Money Mantras Cut-Out Sheet that my Educator 2 Entrepreneur teachers and I use to help us break free from the teacher scarcity mindset to one of an abundance mindset.  


All you have to do is cut on the dotted lines and then put one up each week on your refrigerator, or as I do it--I tape it up on my bathroom mirror.  Then, what I do is every week I say the mantra in my head at least 10 times as I’m brushing my teeth.  Once you say it every day for a week, you’ll have said it 70 times!  That’s enough to start believing it is possible for you to create more abundance for yourself and then you’ll see, after some time you’ll start to be attracting more abundance in your life for you and your family.

I would love to know in the comments below, what’s one scarcity mindset you’re going to bust?

Remember, you can rewrite your future, and I can help!

Stay savvy and focused,

~Suzanne 💜

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