Business Ideas for Teachers - Part 1

**The vlog above and this blog are the first episode of my free series, “Business Idea Creation 101” wherein I tell you one myth, one truth, and one solution to help you find your business idea.  Whether you’re currently in the process of building your own business or just starting to think about becoming an entrepreneur, make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel and you have notifications turned on so you can find out when each new episode is released in this series!


What's the best way to find a business idea? It's actually the number one barrier to starting a business.  You can’t have a business without an idea.  Isn’t it so?

Go to Google and search for “business ideas for teachers” and there are hundreds of articles of ideas: they say dog walking and children’s book author, but what do you really do with that?  What do you do with a list of ideas?

There has to be a way to actually implement that and apply it.  So I want to walk you through an exercise I and other successful entrepreneurs ask ourselves when we come up with our business ideas. I’m going to walk you through how to use my Myth, Truth & Solution Cheat Sheet, which you can get it above, or at the bottom of this blog.  


Why is it that you can know that you want to start a business — but have a heck of a time figuring out what that business actually is?

This is where the myth comes in.  So, let’s tackle that first so you know exactly what the culprit is that’s blocking you from coming up with that great business idea that’s already inside you, you just need help pulling it out!  

Myth #1: We Have No Special Abilities

Let me just tell you, teachers have crazy mad skills, superpowers and transferable skills!   How can you not, to do the job that you do? (click here to learn 7 traits teachers already have that make them excellent entrepreneurs.)    

In fact, every human being has been blessed with different abilities, talents, and capabilities. We differ from each other in that we have different interests and inclinations. One might be great at singing but not good at reading music notes, while another might be great at reading music but not at singing.   

Truth #1: Our Own Abilities Are Invisible To Us 

One of the great paradoxes of life is that we’re often the last person to recognize what we’re good at. 

We assume that what comes easily to us must come easily to everyone — and we discount the value of our expertise as a result. 

Everyone is gifted with something special within them that makes them different from others. Maybe you’ve already had years nurturing your abilities, and maybe you’re yet to discover that hidden potential inside you, that once it’s unleashed, it is bound to shine to its brightest.

Now if you’re struggling to just figure out if you should quit teaching or stay, do watch this video, so you know the number one reason why teachers don’t quit but want to!  You may be surprised and you’ll want to make sure to avoid this reason of staying at all costs! 


I need to insert a bit of #realtalk here.  First off finding your golden egg business idea is not a yellow brick road of unicorns and rainbows.  Don’t expect this to be perfect.  I have teachers that have been teaching 20 plus years and after the first module of nine modules in my course, Educator 2 Entrepreneur and or if they also have private business coaching, are frustrated after the first module or first session if they don’t have super clarity vision equal to Superman’s X-ray vision!  

It’s a process like walking up a staircase--you have to step on each step before you can reach the top.  It’s like this, it’s a journey, and our businesses are really just a reflection of who we really are or want to be. 

This self-discovery takes time and one foot in front of the other.  And, this is why I created this “Business Idea Creation 101” video series so I can hold your hand as you take each step up the stairs.  

And lastly, let me just say, it’s so important to take a moment to honor yourself for getting to the place that you realize you want a life of more freedom than teaching is giving you and that you can achieve with your own online business.  

And, when you’re ready to leave, do watch this video as I share with you 3 words of wisdom my grandfather taught me that will help make the transition out of teaching smoother if you keep in mind 3 things.  

Solution #1: What Have Friends And Family Said To You?

Now, I need you to take a trip down memory lane with me.  How long your lane is, is up to you.  But, I need you to think about times when you’re family and/or friends have said two things to you. 

First, you’re going to think about all of the times these people have asked you, “Hey can you help me with _____?”.    

Any memories pop into your head?  This is a sign that people who know you see some value in your abilities and are needing your help in a certain area, and as we’re blind sometimes to our own light, you might not have even realized they appreciated your gift, talents, skills or abilities in a certain area.  

It’s important to recognize these memories as these can be the bread crumbs that will lead you to the sweet signs of success.   

Next, doing the same thing, but this time you’re going to go down a different memory lane path.  This time, I want you to recall any times someone you know has said to  you, “Have you ever thought about blog/vlog/coach/consult/sell/make/create about _____________?”

Again, you want to collect more bread crumbs to help you reach your destination: City of the shiny, successful, business idea.


Okay to help you get clarity to what your business is going to be, let’s reverse engineer what we just talked about.  Using my Myth,Truth & Solution Cheat Sheet you can record all of your answers that popped into your head while reading this video.  

There really is power to the pen, so I do recommend you get your cheat sheet either using the purple box that is above or below.  

Myth #1: We have no special abilities, and the lies we tell ourselves.  So, on your cheat sheet, you’ll record down the myths you’re telling yourself that have been holding you back.  

Next, you’ll write down your truths as you remember Truth #1: Our own abilities are invisible to us, so you’ll make a list of all your abilities, skills, talents, gifts you have. Brain dump it my friend!  Unload all ideas here...let the pen or typing fingers (since it is a fillable PDF) go!

Lastly in this box the box that is going to contain your Solution #1: What have friends and family said to you?, you’re going to list all of those times they’ve asked for your help or gave you a compliment.  

I would love to know, put what they’ve told you you're good at in the comments below!

Okay, so when you’re done, start ranking your favorites on your cheat sheet. Remember this is a process, not perfection!  It takes time and research to come up with your business idea.  My friend, you’re off to a great start!

Now to help you even further, Next week, I’ll be teaching you your second myth, truth and solution to hone in your business idea.  So, make sure to subscribe on my YouTube and hit that bell icon to make sure to get closer to creating a business and a life you love!

Remember, you can rewrite your future, and I can help!

Stay savvy and focused,

~Suzanne 💜

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