What's Your Top Fear Out of 10 Common Teacher Fears?

To start and create a business, it's not enough just to have the templates, worksheets, and instructions. Now none of that is actually any good if you don't work on the messages you're telling yourself on a nanosecond by nanosecond basis. Messages that really are rooted in fear and limiting beliefs, and will block you from accomplishing your mission and achieving your vision.

The 10 Fears People Have, What's Yours?

So let's look at the word fear for a minute. The official definition of fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous likely to cause a pain or a threat. If we look at the letters and fear, we can think of fear in two different perspectives, we can see f e a r as forget everything and run, or we can look at f e a r as face everything and rise. You get to choose. The choice is yours. Which do you choose?

So the second thing you need to understand about fear is that every one is afraid. And truly, if you are never afraid it probably means that you're not growing. Fear is a basic human emotions. And actually it's kept us alive for hundreds of thousands of years and without a healthy sense of fear our ancestors would have been eaten by saber toothed Tigers, T-Rex's or whatever. So, fears, is what stops us from taking unnecessary risk and getting ourselves into serious trouble. Makes sense, right? But, while fear has an important role in our life, fear can also keep you small. It can stop you living a full life and following your dreams. But, the great news is that you can face your fears and overcome them. Fear is not in charge you are.

So, you hear from the great actors rock stars public figures, all of those who have moved the needle of the world and they say that they all were terrified. They were scared, but they didn't stop, even with the failure on the mind with the fear in their body. They did it anyway because they use their higher conscious, their higher desire to serve. So what if instead of being overrun by fear, we became overwhelmed by a sense of faith? Essentially replaced one F word for the other, fear, faith, get it? Fortunately all fears are actually learned. No one is actually born with fears. So luckily for us. This means that fears can be unlearned by practicing these three steps that I call the wright, ask, ask for WAA for short.

Let's look at your overcoming your fears, a questionnaire that you'll be taking next.

Alright so this next section is going to be determining your biggest fear. So you need to really think deeply about what is the number one most kind of burning and really driving you crazy fear that you're having. Now it's not a fear in all areas of your life, it's your fear of leaving your job and starting a business. So make sure that when you think about it, it's centered around that. So now what you do is you read the fear here and you determine what kind of strength does it have over me? How much is this running and ruling my life? And then once you decide you choose the star, whatever it may be and then you move on. So there is about 21 of these so you're going to go through all of these. And then at the very end once you're all done, you're going to find a reflection piece. And you can see fear of death because maybe in your business that's something that you might be afraid of who knows, fear of missing out, etc, etc.

So let's say I choose a one, one is non existent so just keep that in mind it's not zero, that's non existent in this case it's one, and then you have 10 which is massively strong. And so you're going to go through all of these let's say my lack of freedom. My biggest concern in business is that it's going to take up all my time let's say for example, and so for me, I would say this is maybe a four.

And so as you move along, you're going to go through these and then like I shared with you, you'll have a reflection piece at the end, put your name and email in and then you will receive your overcoming your fear statement. Well done, you finish watching lesson one. Now it's time to head over to action step one for your go deeper and reach higher activities.

Stay savvy, my friends, you totally have this.

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