Top Career Alternatives for Teachers

Have you ever burst into tears when you pulled up to the school? Do you dread Sundays because of all the planning you know you have to do? Ever crunch the numbers and realize you’re not making that much more than minimum wage? If you’ve experienced anything like this, the good news is that you don’t have to stay stuck! Read on to learn more about some solid advice on career alternatives for teachers.

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Where to Start When Leaving the Classroom

Now, if you’re considering leaving the teaching profession, you don’t just want to jump into any job. That can lead to job-hopping, more misery, or worse-- returning to the job that made you unhappy in the first place. We don’t want any of that for you! No, you’re going to get it right this time. You’re on a path of self-discovery.

This path to self-discovery leads to finding your true reason for being. Simply put, find your “why”. Why are you here and what are you meant to do after teaching? One way to get on this path to self-discovery is to take The 5 Freedoms quiz. Through this free quiz, you’ll find out what’s important to you and where you’re lacking right now.

4 Steps to Take if You Want to Quit Teaching

The following steps are critical when you know that you want to leave teaching, but you’re not sure what else you could do with your teaching skills and degree. All of these steps and accompanying resources can be found in my Next Steps Roadmap Resource Guide

Step 1

Answer this question: If money was no object, but you still had to work, what would you do? Author and philosopher, Alan Watts, recommends confronting your fears and following your intuition in order to lead a happier life. He explains that if you do what you truly enjoy, you will become a master at it and find a way to make a living from it.

Step 2

Use logic (not emotion) to make tough decisions. Have you done everything you can to make teaching work for you? If you answer no, what are the changes you could make to possibly stay in teaching? If yes, now what? The Next Step Roadmap Resource Guide has a helpful “decision tree” worksheet that will guide you through this tough question and others.

 Step 3

Decide if you are more suited to be an employee or an entrepreneur. The world sure needs both, but the only way to have all 5 Freedoms (have you taken The 5 Freedoms Quiz yet? It’s free!) is to become an entrepreneur. In fact, in my virtual summit Freedom for Educators, you’ll gain access to 21 interviews with former teachers turned entrepreneurs. Teachers leaving the classroom need to be really clear on this one. If you need more help, see my blog “Leave Teaching to be an Entrepreneur or Employee?” where I have an “Are You a Santa or an Elf?” quiz. This quiz will help you identify if you’re more suited to be an employee or an entrepreneur.

 Step 4

Make the connection and figure out how your teaching skills transfer to what you’ll do after teaching. For those of you destined to be an entrepreneur, the Next Step Roadmap Resource Guide will guide you through how to use your teaching skills to build an online business that utilizes your unique talents and gifts and is more aligned with what brings you joy. You’ll learn about the 4 different online revenue generators and how teachers fit into them (hint: teachers are natural coaches!).

Remember, you can rewrite your future, and I can help. 

Stay savvy and focused!

~Suzanne 💜

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