Money Scripts That Keep Us Stuck

Do you have limiting beliefs and old stories about money?

Most people on this planet do.  Our money script is made up of situations from childhood, either verbal messages we heard our parents say about money,  their attitudes around money and also the actions they took when they had or didn’t have money. All of what we learn about money as a child contributes to our money script.  

Our money script can either be serving us or sabotaging us.  

Basically, another way of saying it is, our thoughts we have around money, every time we spend money, receive money, ask for money, think about money, well, basically any thought around money can either be our saboteur or the thought can be our supporter.   

In just a minute I’m going to be sharing with you 3 steps you can take to mold your mindset so that you’re attracting abundance, not repelling it.  

Even to this day, after growing my former company, WriteSteps, to 7-figures and then selling it 10 years later, I’m still constantly working on training my gremlin, my inner critic around money.  It’s a never-ending process. You see, you can train your brain to think differently. In fact, it’s said that you can change your brain, rewire it, in less than 24 hours.  

So, indeed you can train your thoughts.  Notice, I didn’t say resist them. No, you don’t want to resist the sabotaging gremlin.  There’s this funny way about us that what we resist actually persists--the gremlin just comes at us stronger.  

Just to be clear, the gremlin is a metaphor for our negative thinking patterns, our scripts, our sabotaging thoughts.  I just didn’t want you to think that I believe there’s an actual gremlin that lives inside us. 😂

For example, have you ever told yourself over and over again to stop thinking about wanting that yummy, delicious piece of creamy chocolate cake, only to find that you just keep thinking about the cake?  You resisting the thought is only making it persist.  

So, if you want to change the way you talk about money, feel about money, and attract money, you have to change the way you think about it.  Because one way to look at the reason you need to change how you think about money is for the simple fact that money is a means of bringing your purpose and vision to more people.  

You don’t mold your money mindset in the proper way, you’re hurting people who need your message, your product.  This work is that important!

Also, another way to look at money is Money is freedom.  If we have money then we have time. The more money we have, the more freedom we have, which means the more time we can spend with our loved ones.  

Are you with me so far?  Are you ready to mold your mindset so you can start attracting more abundance?  If so, in the comments, please write, I’M READY!

Here’s the 3 new molds you need to pour yourself into. And at the very end, I’ll be sharing a Cut out sheet for you to use to increase your abundance:

Mindset Molding #1: “Not Today”

The first step to doing that is by being aware of what you’re telling yourself. Only then can you focus on flipping the script.

Nowadays, I’m a lot quicker at being able to identify when my “old money story” is running the show, rather than my current-day beliefs.  And, when the old script comes up to sabotage me, well, I’m prepared now. I say, “Not today Gremlin.” That’s it.  

Mindset Molding #2 – The Investing Mentality

At your job, you may have said things like, “I’ll go to that conference when the company pays for it.”  Totally understandable, companies should invest in their employees’ professional development.

However, being a business owner means you are the company, and therefore, you have to drop the mindset of “spending” money and instead, own the mindset of “investing in your results.”  This means recognizing that you must invest in your learning and growth because you are the company’s biggest asset.

A suggestion is to take away the phrase, “I can’t afford that.” and if it’s truly something you desire or believe will add value to your life, then empower yourself with this statement instead, “I’m going to figure out how to afford that.  I’m going to receive the money to have that in my life.”

Feel the difference?  It’s big, right?

Mindset Molding #3 – Mindset Mantras

Mantra is a Sanskrit word which comes from two base words “man” and “tra.” “Man” is the mind or the thought and “tra” is a tool by which we use the power of our thoughts. Mantras are usually utilized in meditation, to increase concentration. A mantra can also be a word, or a phrase or even simply a sound like “Om” which is repeated several times.

Mantras work at two different levels. First of all, in its most basic function – a mantra is utilized to focus the mind and with chanting a mantra, we can quiet the mind and in that way help us in focusing.

The second thing is to remember the law of attraction. Energy goes where intention flows.  So, when you repeat the same mantra over and over again, you are seeking the energy vibrations of the things which you are speaking. 

By that logic, if you chant mantras which are about abundance and prosperity, it is precisely what you are going to attract in life.  Are there guarantees that saying mantras will give you the results you want? Of course not no. But, just by making the effort to ask starts to shift what’s possible.  

There can be a lot of money mantras, and you need to focus on the one that feels right to you, and that is the only condition. 

Down below, you’ll find I’ve provided you with a 10 Money Mindset Mantras cutout PDF.  Truly though, the beauty to mantras is that you don’t have to necessarily believe it for it to work.  You simply have to be willing to consider a new possibility as you read and repeat the mantra every day.

Just cut out the mantras that speak to you.  If you want to do what I do, well, easy. I keep my stack of mantras that resonate with me, and each month or so, I tape one up on my bathroom mirror.  Then, when I’m finished brushing my teeth, I say my mantra out loud 3 times or so. That’s it, easy peasy.  

So, just grab your copy below and let me know if this has been a helpful video for you in the comments below!  

And let me just conclude by reminding you of what an incredible aspect of living in these times of online business is that we can all build businesses with unlimited potential.  We have access to tools that used to be reserved for only the elite, and now we can use these tools to reach audiences around the world. Amazing!

Enjoy, and stay savvy my friend!

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