How to Go From Teacher to Entrepreneur: A Success Story

About a year ago, all heck was breaking loose in the form of a pandemic.  Life shut down, and quarantine became the new normal. If you are a teacher then you should know that many teachers lost their jobs, and the stimulus payout is never enough.

The demand for teaching jobs surged, so did the number of non-teaching jobs for teachers, but not everyone was qualified to even apply for these, let alone getting the jobs at the time of their need. If the job market for teachers wasn't bad enough, jobs for retired teachers were worse. No one wanted to take in teachers who were out of the game for a while. So, a career change for the teacher is a needy option after the pandemic.

Fortunately, there are a few companies that hire teachers for their leadership and communication skills amongst many other attributes a teaching job can bring you. So it's important to have these business skills, especially if you are a teacher as classroom managing can add a lot to your managerial capabilities, and your portfolio.  So possibilities for a teacher can be vast with the right skills.

Side businesses for teachers is an option so are jobs without the stress of teaching that usually results in 'teacher burnout'.

My Bridge to Possibilities private coaching client, Stephanie, didn’t let a rampant, global virus slow her down! At the time, 

she was teaching high school business classes and joined the frenzy of teachers trying to make the sudden transition to teaching virtually.

As if that wasn’t enough, she had also signed up for my course
Educator 2 Entrepreneur in hopes of eventually making a career change from teacher to entrepreneur.

And, oh yeah, she was also planning her July wedding to the man of her dreams. Stephanie’s perseverance and tenacity paid off though and allowed her to write her own success story. And I’m so proud of her. Let’s walk through how she did it.

Some Background

Like many educators, Stephanie went into teaching because she had a lot of family members who were teachers. She taught high school business classes for 13 years, and every year she questioned her decision.

Stephanie explains, “I felt like there was something else that I was supposed to be doing.” In fact, she later told me that she had wanted to be an entrepreneur since college.

When she ran across my course, Educator 2 Entrepreneur, Stephanie decided that it was time to “take a leap of faith” and give it a try. She wanted to see if this was truly what she wanted to do and if it was actually feasible to go from teacher to entrepreneur.

Giving It a Try

Stephanie started the course in January 2020 and finished it in June of that year just as the school year was coming to a close. In her own words, Stephanie explains, “It was really tugging at my heart. I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do, so I talked with my husband (who was my fiance at the time) and said, ‘I think I want to pursue this.’” With her fiance’s support and a lot of prayers, she decided that God was calling her to start her own business. Stephanie’s decision was made, and “Becoming One” was born.

Becoming One

Stephanie explains her mission with Becoming One best. She shares, “I felt like He was calling me to use the information that I learned as a personal finance teacher in order to help couples so that they can experience unity in their finances.” Stephanie’s only regret about leaving teaching is that she misses her students. However, she does run into them from time to time and even coaches some of her former students through her business. As for teaching itself, Stephanie clarifies, “I’m still a teacher just in a different aspect.” She’s right.

Putting In the Work

Just because you make the decision to start a business and choose a name, doesn’t mean you automatically have The 5 Freedoms. There’s a lot of work that goes into entrepreneurship, and Stephanie definitely knows this firsthand. She advises, “Get all of your information together, research who your ideal clients are, and get that backbone and that foundation of what exactly you want to do before you invest in a website.” Stephanie and I agree that you should not start a business by building a website. You’ve got to get your ducks in a row first. For example, Stephanie completed all of the modules of the Educator 2 Entrepreneur course and did private coaching with me before she started working on her website. 

When Stephanie did begin building her Becoming One website, she was wise and used Kajabi. Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that doesn’t require coding. I always recommend Kajabi because it can take care of so many aspects of your business-- website, email, landing pages, lead magnets, courses. 

The 5 Freedoms

Since completing the Educator 2 Educator course, participating in the Bridge to Possibilities coaching, and starting Becoming One, I asked Stephanie where she is now with The 5 Freedoms (location, time, people, purpose, financial). She reports, “I am experiencing my 5 Freedoms. With a business, it’s still a work in progress as far the financials. But, it’s been amazing to see that there have been doors that have been opened.” Stephanie is always appreciative of her teaching experience but says, “As far as The 5 Freedoms, I am living it. I was restricted in many areas in teaching. But I do feel like I am closer to the life that I was meant to live, and it’s exciting.” 

Know Your Why

When Stephanie and I first connected, she knew that she wanted to have a faith-based business, and she knew she wanted to work in personal finance. “One of the big statistics that tugged on my heart was that money is one of the main reasons for divorce. That is one of the things behind my why. It’s why I want to help couples,” Stephanie shares. Her goal with Becoming One is to help couples talk about money in a positive way without arguing so that they can come together as one to reach their goals (buying a house, saving for retirement, paying down debt, etc.). Stephanie absolutely loves working with engaged and married couples on their personal finances just like I love helping tired teachers turn into excited entrepreneurs.

Remember, you can rewrite your future, and I can help.

Stay savvy and focused!

~Suzanne 💜

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