Students learn what they care about, from people they care about, and who…
care about them!

Teaching Isn't Fun AnymoreIt took me a long time to like school.  In fact, it wasn’t until I went to Eastern Michigan University that  I finally hit my stride, finding my creative outlet of writing curriculum, and teaching it.

I knew then that I wanted to become the teacher I never had, the one that loved it all, the students, the subjects and the supervisors.

The first year of teaching is like building a plane and...
flying it at the same time!

I enjoyed teaching and was moved around, trying all grade levels.  Several years later, I received my Master’s in Education, and started to become very fond of teaching writing to my second graders.  When I left my district in 2003, it wasn’t due to being burned out.

Presenting at a large Michigan literacy conference, marked a turning point for me as I left the classroom to become a national presenter for a leading professional development company in North America- Bureau for Education & Research (BER). 

In 2003, after saying my goodbyes and having a colossal teacher garage sale, I debuted in BER’s catalog. I was traveling all over the nation going to large cities presenting my lessons that were a combination of 6 Traits and Writer’s Workshop, intertwining the best of both pedagogies. However, after a year on the road I realized business travel isn’t glamorous or scalable (a fancy business term basically meaning it's going to take too much effort to make any real money).

Making a life change is scary. But know what’s even scarier?

What happened next was one of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever had. I went from a sought after, parent requested teacher,and a national presenter on the circuit with some very famous education presenters, to being a substitute teacher pounding the pavement selling my services as a writing consultant modeling writing lessons in K-12 classrooms. 

It turned out to be the best experience: I got to test out my curriculum and classroom management techniques.

In 2005, not knowing what I was getting myself into, I signed a full time job contract as a teacher coach in one of the toughest districts in Michigan.  I was assigned to observe and provide feedback to all 56 stressed, disgruntled and under appreciated K-12 teachers.

First order of business… 
build trust, provide value, & instill hope.

In fact, this district had been so consistently unsuccessful and losing enrollment faster than you can say, “mass exodus”, that the State of Michigan did a drastic move—-the state’s Education Department took over the whole district in 2004.

If every day you’re saying the serenity prayer while driving to work...
it is a good sign you need to rethink what you’re doing.

If every day you’re saying the serenity prayer while driving to work...
it is a good sign you need to rethink what you’re doing.

Of the different positions I had, there was one consistent theme throughout all four years after leaving the classroom. I kept hearing the same thing from the 250 classrooms I modeled writing lessons in.

When enough people say, “You should package this before someone steals it.”...
you should listen.

Finally, it dawned on me that the solution to achieving The 5 Freedoms had been right in front of me since leaving the classroom.

To move from dreaming to doing, you have to stop playing it safe & small...
jump as if the net will appear!

In 2007, I took the leap and launched WriteSteps.   

WriteSteps was a complete K-5 writing and grammar curriculum. In 2010, it was revised to fully meet Common Core standards and revamped as a digital software for teachers and their students.  

I’m proud to say in the ten years I owned the company:

Countries Used WriteSteps
Teachers Were
Students Became
Better Writers
Awards Were
National Television Feature

(Lifetime’s The
Balancing Act

Products & Services

In October 2017, WriteSteps was bought by Vkidz, now owned by Cambium Learning and renamed Writing City.

The acquisition by a much larger company is a dream of most, if not all entrepreneurs,
and I was no exception.

Essentially, VKidz wanted a writing curriculum to add to their many products, and I wanted more of The 5 Freedoms. It was the perfect win-win.

This leads me to where I am today.

After almost two decades of being a successful educator turned entrepreneur and having started several companies, I questioned, “What’s next?”. The answer came quite easily; I thought about how my path to success has been paved by years of training and my own entrepreneurial professional development.

  • Attending at least 200 business and marketing conferences in the past two decades,
  • the countless hours of business books read and listened to,
  • winning Michigan’s Spark Business Bootcamp “Best Business in 2010”,
  • winning out of over thousands of applicants and securing a spot in the 2016 LearnLaunch’s Breakthrough Program,
  • counseled by 2 business coaches,
  • and, encouraged by countless entrepreneur mentors way more successful than I was!

Why let all of this training and knowledge go to waste, why not share it with other educators who want to...

  • take a successful classroom created product and bring it to market,
  • go from burnt out to lit up by figuring out your sellable passion,
  • create, test and launch a business while still in the classroom,
  • get unstuck & shift from surviving to thriving by doing what you love,
  • step out of overwhelm and into inspired action to rewrite your future!

We want the same things...
a Life with Purpose & Freedom.

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