Create The Freedom You Want!

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See how you score on The 5 Freedoms Scale.
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Create the Freedom
You Want! 

Burnt Out?  
Feel Stuck?  
Want More?
See how you score on The 5 Freedoms Scale.

Take the Quiz. It’s Free!

Throughout my career, I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most extraordinary educators, entrepreneurs, executives, celebrities and luminaries.

An educator turned entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, lover of life and a freedom initiator.

Many of us became teachers because we wanted to make a difference in young lives. It indeed is a noble cause.  However, with so much changing in the world there are more obstacles, ridiculous demands, and unfair expectations on our teachers today.  Even back in 2003, I felt these challenges when I transitioned out of the classroom to start my own business. Yes, it’s very possible to make an impact without being in a structured teaching environment, I’m proof of that. That said, you have permission to change your mind about your career as an educator.  It’s okay to walk away and rewrite your future. Read how I did it, and how you can too!






After being coached by Suzanne, I restructured some things and I now have a more lucrative tutoring business.

~Kristin Murray


~Kristin Murray


I stepped away from the classroom in 2016 to run my graphic design business full time and had so many fears of failure. Meeting Suzanne helped give me a positive outlook and a solid plan for success. She supplied me with priceless tips and resources that gave me a new level of confidence in transitioning from teaching to entrepreneurship. You can tell she is so passionate about helping educators transition to a life with more freedom!

~Amanda McNay


~Amanda McNay


I had the pleasure of working with Suzanne for over a year. In that time she was always very caring as I was going through a very stressful work environment and was extremely helpful in guiding me on how to transition out of my position and expect more for myself.  I always felt like she had my back and wanted the best for me. I would highly recommend working with Suzanne as she helps you achieve your dreams!

~Navita Sukar


~Navita Sukar


I've worked with Suzanne for a long time now.  I'm always impressed by her passion for sharing her knowledge and wanting to serve whomever she helps.  She has such a positive attitude and genuinely cares about my success in achieving a 5 Freedoms Life!

Andy Boulogne


Andy Boulogne


I appreciate Suzanne’s incredibly intuitive and intellect she brings her coaching; her authentic methods are the essence of what really matters and her understanding and wisdom that she brings out in her sessions. Suzanne is passionate about the prosperity of her clients; this is evident in her powerful and dynamic method of improving my focusing skills by helping me to target the outcomes I would like to achieve. This is just the beginning and I look forward to a very prosperous and amazing journey with Suzanne.

Trish Mendez


Trish Mendez


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Book a complimentary 5 Freedoms Strategy Session with me to find out how I can support you. Whether you’re thinking of leaving education, changing careers, or wanting to start your own business, as someone who’s been through it,
I’m here to help!

The 5 Freedoms


  • have a sense that there must be more to life than you’re currently experiencing?
  • feel that something is missing, and you’re just not sure what it is?
  • wake up wondering how you’ll be able to do another 5, 10, or 20 years in your current position?

If any (or all) of this resonates with you, then you’re in the right place, and I’m so glad you’re here! Whether this inner restlessness is new or old, I want to honor the part of you that is reading this, knowing something isn’t right and it’s time to rewrite your future.

What you're looking for doesn't exist on the outside.

Freedom is an inside job!

Whether you’re single, have a partner, or a family, we all have bills to pay and responsibilities to fulfill.  You may be wondering, “Is starting a business really worth me leaving my salary, pension, and health care? Truly, only you can answer this.  However, I can tell you that true freedom--all The 5 Freedoms is only achieved through entrepreneurship.

Leaving teaching, starting several companies and being my own boss was a decision that rewrote my future into a
5 Freedoms Life

I Want This For You Too

What are
The 5 Freedoms?

Time Freedom means...
not being restricted by your employer's work hours.  This allows you to set your own flexible schedule and work when you want.

Location Freedom means...
not being dictated by someone else's holiday calendar. This allows you to work wherever and vacation more often, and when YOU want.

Financial Freedom means...
not being limited by your paycheck. Creating more wealth allows increased opportunities and expanded choices without having to worry about your bank account.

People Freedom means...
not working with negative, energy zapping people. Being your own boss means you get to choose who you want to work with, allowing you to perform more effectively and efficiently.

Purpose Freedom means...
not being in a job where there’s too much pressure, unreasonable demands, and you don’t feel appreciated. Instead, we are most creative, our work feels effortless, and anything seems possible when we work in our life’s purpose.


If you want The 5 Freedoms, I can tell you this with 100% certainty:

  1. I can teach you how to think through what your future business could be, while you’re still in your current paid position.
  2. While continuing in the classroom, I can guide you through testing if your business has legs to stand on--do people want/need what product or service you offer them.

If you’re still reading this, there’s a good chance you’re ready to rewrite your future.

Truly, the benefits
can’t be beat:

  • Freedom to work when and where you please.
  • Finances, to earn more than you ever expected.
  • Fulfillment, to live as you like, working in your true purpose.

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Freedom for Educators
Interview Series

Ready to go from Dreaming to Doing?

For the first time ever, over 20 educator turned entrepreneurs come together to share how they left the classroom and are achieving more freedom than ever before! Watch & learn how you can too!


Bridge to Possibilities
Coaching for Change

Think of Me as Your Bridge Architect

I help you create & build a strong, sturdy bridge from where you are, to knowing where you want to go to create a 5 Freedoms Life!


Educator 2 Entrepreneur University

An Online Course for Working Educators

The complete 5 Freedoms Blueprint teaches & guides you on how to create a business while dramatically accelerating your learning curve, so you can start making money faster doing what you love!


Learning your superpowers and creating an effective format to share your gifts and talents are essential ingredients to create The 5 Freedoms Life you want.  Living as your true self and starting a business that you love means you will be more alive than you ever thought you could be!  

No matter what your dream is, what business you want to create, or how overwhelmed you are...

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